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Myanmar Rammi Vote Peknak Thawngin Aung La Nsang Nih International Fighter Of The Year Award A Co

Fighters Only Megazine nih a tuahmi MMA Fighters pawl awards peknak puai ah Aung La Nsang nih International Fighter of the Year award cu a co. Hi laksawng peknak hi vawlei cung MMA fighters vialte vote pekin laksawng pekmi asi.



Hi babtukin laksawng a sunghlawi tukmi a co hi MMA a luh in kum (14) hnu lawngah ahmuh mi a si bantukin Aung La Nsang zong a lunglawmhnak cu mipi sinah arak langhter ve.



Aung La Nsang nihcun ” Ka nupi le ka chungkhar hna nih thazaang an ka pek caah kaa lawm, cun kawlram chung mipi vialte muinung (60) m nih vote nan ka pek caah kaa lawm khun” tiah a ti.



Aung La Nsang hi MMA One Championship ah Middle Weight Champion le Light Heavyweight Champion a si. A ra laimi October (13) ahhin Japan ram ah Heavy Weight champion a simi Brandon Vera he Light Heavyweight champion  cu an i cuh tthan lai.

Aung La Nsang: International Fighter of tha Year-video

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