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An Tuahmi Cu Mit In Zoh Zongah Zumh A Har Tuk

Mah hna pahnih hi America’s Got Talent ah an thiamnak langhter dingah aa zuammi an si, an thil tuahmi cu ttih a nung kho tak tak khi si.

America’s Got Talent zuamnak ah aa tel i, a zohmi hna pawl zong nih thinphaang tak tak in an zoh ve hna, an thil tuahmi cu a dongh tiang te tlamtling tein an tuah khawh.


An thil tuahmi cu judge pawl zong an khuaruahhar tuk ve, Judge chung in muidawh Hidi nih Golden buzzer a hmeh piak ve hna i lawmhnak in an khat. An thil tuah mi hi zoh tikah zumh awk cu a har ngai nain an tuah khawh tak tak ko.

Deadly Games Shocks Everyone – America's Got Talent: The Champions

Deadly Games just did WHAT?!You HAVE to see their Golden Buzzer performance to believe it. 👀

Posted by Got Talent Global on Wednesday, 16 January 2019

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